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Special Projects

Yellow Jacket All Buzzing for a cause! Ask not what the AHS Yellow Jacket Hive can do for me, but what I can do to “Keep the Thrive in the Aliceville High Yellow Jacket Hive Alive”?

The Alums of AHS are a great, talented and creative group. The Yellow Jacket Nation Alums consist of every profession you can name. They live all across the world. They were blessed with talents beyond measure. Being that we are so great because we are so blessed, we ask that you be willing to share your talents and treasure so we can “Keep the Thrive in the AHS Yellow Jacket Alive”. We want to build a database of the professions, Greek connections, and other civic duties that you are a part of so when we have a need, we can reach within the Golden Pool of AHS Alum and get the need filled.

There will be special opportunities for the Great Alums of Aliceville High to give back to the Hive. One of the dreams floating in the Hive right now is to do a career/college fair at AHS and have all careers represented by AHS Alums. It is said “Can anything good come out of Aliceville, YES!” We want to show the students there now that the answer to that question is a resounding YES! It would great for our Alums that are business owners to sponsor this event. You see the vision, help us to fulfill it! Are you willing to do your part to “Keep the Thrive in the Aliceville High Yellow Jacket Hive Alive”?

Another way for you to give back is become a mentor. There are times where the school does a mentoring day, are you willing to be a buzzing beacon to your younger Yellow Jackets still working in the hive?

There are countless opportunities besides homecoming and Grand Reunion time to come together and let the world know You are a Proud Aliceville High Yellow Jacket and You will do Your Part to “Keep the Thrive in the Aliceville High Yellow Jacket Hive Alive”.

Let me hear you make that Yellow Jacket Racket:

Bzzzz Yellow Jackets! Bzzzz Yellow Jackets!

Since we are All Abuzz about being a Yellow Jacket;

Whenever we meet, let this be the greet:

Bzzzz Yellow Jackets! Bzzzz Yellow Jackets!