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Bzzzz Yellow Jackets! Bzzzz Yellow Jackets! AHS Alumni – Ponder This!

The band not as big as it was when you were in high school?

Sports teams don’t have as many skilled and dedicated players?

Well here is the opportunity for you to give back through your time, your talent and/or your treasure. Why not come together with others that participated in whatever extracurricular activities you did and form some type of scholarship fund to send some of the students to camp with your treasure or give of your time and help teach the basics to the younger ones. Make it more special and start a scholarship fund in honor or memory of someone that you believe made an impact in the Yellow Jacket Nation. To the football and basketball players, how many of you played under Coach Ted Cleveland? Female basketball players, how many of you played under Shirley Eatman? And let us not forget Mr. Detrick Hodges and the many years he gave to our band program. He was so dedicated to AHS that when the band needed assistance a couple years back, he readily marched back into the hive. I am sure you can think of others that are worthy of honor or memorial status.  And as the Word says: Give Honor to Whom Honor is Due!

Also remember the Aliceville High School Alumni Association gives out 2 sets of scholarships each year to graduating seniors. The AHS Alumni Association Scholarship is given to AHS graduating seniors only. The AHS Grand Reunion Scholarship is available to any graduating seniors whose parent attends the previous Grand Reunion. You can always just make a donation to this pool of funds.

Don’t just standby and be a Yellow Jacket on the hive wall – be a Buzzing Yellow Jacket being about the business of making our future fellow Aliceville High Alums greater!